The Best Fucking Line of Cars Ever Created by Man only second to its big brother the GTO Judge. Its has been said that God Gave the Firebird to John Delorean in a dream, it came down from the heavens like an angle blazing with the light of God, with one goal, to get its driver some pussy. The Firebird has been known to get its owner thrown in jail on many occasions for manslaughter when sum stupid mother fucker comes up to you and says, "hey Buddy,... Nice Camaro."
"But Judge, He called my Firebird a Camaro"

The Judge replies, " I understand, case dismissed, Let this man go free, there is an 84' missing its driver."

Justice Has Been Served, Long Live The Firebird (1968-2002)
by JBall The Destroyer January 03, 2010
One of the former names of Firefox, Mozilla's standalone browser.
First Phoenix, then Firebird, then Firefox. Firefox is a good browser, but what's with the name changes?
by GastonRabbit June 29, 2004
The same as a Camaro, but with a different body style that has a more aerodynamic effect and is tapered and sleek. Another difference is the interior that isn't outdated like the Camaro, but the Camaro has a more masculine exterior. Both are essentially the same if you've ever picked up the '93 - '97 MAA manual. One problem is that it is difficult to change the spark plugs because its far in there.
The Firebird has awesome handling.
by Colter July 01, 2003
The gold coupe that got Malibu/L.A. private detective Jim Rockford out of many a jam from 1974-79, despite getting wrecked and rebuilt a number of times.

The Firebird's specialty with a highly skilled driver like Rockford was the 180-degree turnaround-escape, done by gunning the car in reverse, cutting the wheel in either direction and throwing the car into drive at the 180-degree point (yes, he did it with an automatic) and laying rubber while pulling away.

When we last saw Rockford in the '90s, he still had his beloved Firebird and saw it again wrecked, of course, during one of his cases.
"Rocky, thanks for paying for the work again on the Firebird."
by 'Angel' Martin April 04, 2006
Firebird is a name which is usualy given to small, attention seeking dick-children that masturbate over World of Warcraft. Firebirds are also known to work as magnets for large metal automobiles.
Hey Firebird, fuck you.
by Billy Higgins July 26, 2006
An asshole who frequents IRC and has recieved several "Official Channel Asshole" awards.
Holy shiznit! Firebird just tried your n00b ass!
by Anon October 17, 2003
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