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act of going to the local liquor establishment to replentish supply of alcohol for the party, while in a drunken state
Son of a bitch we're out it's time for a beer run.
by ducttape16 March 29, 2003
a certain variety of dildo which some people seem to have a certain affinity for
Dr. Love thinks that a relationship between dennis smith and his purple dildo has a very good chance of being successful, but this doesn't mean that you don't have to work on the relationship. Remember that every relationship needs spending time together, talking with each other etc.
by ducttape16 March 29, 2003
40 oz. of beer. Usually of a low quality and makes you instant white trash when you drink said bottle
Judy, get me a 40 bitch.
by ducttape16 March 29, 2003
official automobile of white trash everywhere, but only if it's 4 different colors of primer or has a bird painted on the hood mismatched tires help too
Wow Joe that's a bitchin Fire Bird you got there.*scratches mullet* Damn straight Billy Bob. Wanna help me paint it next summer?
by ducttape16 March 29, 2003
The worst, saddest, and all around crappiest team ever to grace the face of the planet.
The Cubs sure do suck but they had one HELL of a team in 1906. Those fuckers were unstoppable.
by ducttape16 March 30, 2003
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