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A tanzmetal band from Germany who break taboos like they were a stalk of sugar cane, but its not sweet -- suffice it to say it is a dose of medicine to what pop would never have the guts to counter for these subjects. This is all done in their native tongue with Till's naturally deep voice, hard riffs and super-charged solos, amazing drum work, bold bass, and a melodious keyboard playing that serves as icing over this dark cake. As well as their stage effects of which they have been recognized as the best international act and have also won awards in other categories. Their musical influences, to name a couple, are old Ministry and Nine Inch Nails.
Better bring that block of dry ice because Rammstein is going to be a scorcher.
by Colter July 01, 2003
A member of the venue staff asks if anyone is there for "RammSTEEN" at which point a fan corrects him with "RammSTEIN" and the guy becomes miffed.
by Colter October 31, 2003
The same as a Camaro, but with a different body style that has a more aerodynamic effect and is tapered and sleek. Another difference is the interior that isn't outdated like the Camaro, but the Camaro has a more masculine exterior. Both are essentially the same if you've ever picked up the '93 - '97 MAA manual. One problem is that it is difficult to change the spark plugs because its far in there.
The Firebird has awesome handling.
by Colter July 01, 2003

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