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The Greatest Place on Earth and this place that is know only as Fire Island has nothing bad about it no cars no cops and no tourists except for July 4th..... fuck tourists There are a few facts about fire island that you might not know

1. No Shoes
2. Drinking age is only 14
3. Outdoor Showers Only
4. Kan Jam is a Required skill
5. Bay Picnic is better than Christmas
6. The Most Important of all... LOCALS ONLY

I love Fire island
A barrier island, approximately 30 miles long and 0.5 miles wide, in Suffolk County on the southern side of Long Island in the U.S. state of New York. It is known to be a popular vacation spot for the GLBT community.
Adam and Steve are going to Fire Island for a double-honeymoon with Jane and Mabel.
by Rashaun E. August 15, 2005
Without touching each other getting two people to climax through masturbation over the phone, computer or in person.
Wow, that was the best visit to fire island we've ever had over the phone.
by Smophy November 02, 2007
A resort for homosexualsso they can have homesexual sex without interuption.
Jake was constipated before he and roger went to Fire Island, now you can fit a pear up there.
by StunGun March 29, 2005
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