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In the popular online game Second Life the money used in the game are casually called Lindens.
To buy land in Second Life you will need some Lindens.
by Smophy October 25, 2007
In the popular online game Second Life (SL) everyone has an avatar that represents them. Most everyone works on their apperance until they are hot, gorgeous and delicious.
Wow, that avatar is so hot she's SL...icious.
by Smophy October 02, 2007
In a popular online game called Second Life (SL) most players work on their character/avatar until they are hawt, gorgeous, beautiful, fresh, sexy and delicious.
I bet it took a lot of Linden Dollars to make that avatar so hawt and SLicious.
by Smophy October 25, 2007
Without touching each other getting two people to climax through masturbation over the phone, computer or in person.
Wow, that was the best visit to fire island we've ever had over the phone.
by Smophy November 02, 2007
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