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A fint is the slang term for the hole in a man's penis. Can also be used in a derogatory fashion to describe someone.
I was taking a shower the other day and some shampoo got in my fint. It burned like crazy!

Arthur just took the last chicken wing. What a fint-licker.
by Pugnarzio November 09, 2008
A combination of food and gint.
To have a meal before going out on the piss, with a view to picking up a bit of gint. 'Alright John, lets get some fint before we start the really heavy drinking'
by John Kebab March 27, 2009
Fixing to; about to perform an act
I'm fin't' to steal that white woman's purse.
by Krickles August 03, 2004
Fint is a title you portray to someone to resembles the general qualities of a nerd but also does nothing besides obsess over anime and play on Xbox Live every chance they get, and someone who has the potential to never amount to anything in their life. One who would grow up to still live in their mother's basement whilst playing runescape and World Of Warcraft.
Fint : Dude, so I was playing Halo on legnedary difficulty last weekend an-

Cool Person : You fuckin Fint!
by OnionsXD January 26, 2011
1. To log or otherwise record an random out-of-context IRC conversation for much hilarity.

2. Legendary hero who carries a great webcomic within his soul.
Eggplant? lol, I'm so going to fint this!
by JackAcid October 15, 2003
an obsession beyond obsession
I am finted with myself; You are a fint of mine; So and so calls my his fintation.
by Kelsey Kerrigan February 19, 2004
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