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Acronym for Fucking Asshole; prevents the user from saying profanity; popular in the 1960-1980.
Fing-A that guy just cut me off.
by dKell November 03, 2005
Short for fucking A

1.awesome, cool, I can't wait

2.ouch, damnnit, asshole
1.F'ing A, cotton, F'ing A!!

2.I just fell on my ass...F'ing A.
by B. Z. August 30, 2005
A flawed philosophy paralelling Adorexia.

Tenants of FingA:
Heaven, Hell, Carma, love, hatred are all subject to personal reality. In other words they exist only if you want them to.

All things subject to personal reality should take a secondary role to things of actualy reality.

Seeing as reality is perceived only through the personal sphere, actual reality becomes non-existent.

Seeing as Heaven, Hell, fear, love, hatred, etc.. maintains the possiblity of existing beyond your personal reality they imediently exist, due to the fact that they are concepts.

Nothing is in your control so don't worry.
(CONCEPT- NOUN)The fingA State of mind

(Adjective), FingA, this shit doesn't matter.
by Gester Grinn April 02, 2007
Something a lot of people say when they're mad. Stands for fucking A. What does the A stand for? It doesn't. You could say f-ing M for all anyone cares. Some say it stands for fucking ass. They lie. Its usually used around parents or the under thirteen crowd. Can be used as 1, an insult. 2, an expression of anger.

Tammy: My dad grounded me from my phone.
Bill: What an f-ing A!

(kid gets a paper cut)
kid: f-ing A!
by Thatonekid. June 11, 2009
An individual with insanely long fingers that can extend for miles. These fingers have the ability to increase the velocity of a thrown object by exponential amounts.
"Yo, did you just see that fastball that Fingas threw? It was like, 120 mph!"

"Hey dude, what's up?
'Nothing much Fingas, wassup with you?"
by Johan Kepler the 9th January 22, 2008
a finger in the anus
My girlfriend was blowing me in the parking lot and gave me the fingas. I kinda liked it.
by Pincoln August 10, 2008
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