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usualy a beatiful girl. leeds you on. acts all sweet and nice. makes you think they realy like you. then when you fall completely head over heals in love with them... they kill it. they stomp all over your feelings. and completely fuck you up. takes months to get over it but it can completely fuck up a mans life.
Damn i was so in love with her... but she turned out to just be a man eating bitch.
by Otto January 24, 2005
What I never see fingers do.
Oh, there they go.
by Otto May 25, 2004
any plant grown without the use of soil
in nutrient rich conditions making the final product "Better"
That weed is hydro
that tomato is a hydro
by Otto November 02, 2003
to take a hit from a blunt, bong, bowl, joint, ect...
yo b let me get a pull of your L
by Otto February 02, 2005
computer certification
he passed the A+
by Otto April 16, 2003
The aftermath of a horrible event.
The bombing of Pearl Harbor was a devastation.
by Otto March 23, 2005
1. a large musical instrument similar to a piano.
2. a mass of tissue(a mass of cells) working together for a common goal. multiple organs are parts of systems. ie: digestive system, made up of the organs: esaphogus, stomach, intestine.
1. Holy shit thats an awesome organ!

2. I got some kick-ass organs
by Otto November 02, 2003

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