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Performing rough drunken anal sex with your partner's g-string or bloomers on your head, with a portion of material covering one eye. Filthy Pirate is often accompanied by a exuberant grunting "ARrrgh!" when you climax. The Filthy Pirate + is achieved by attempting the maneuver with your pet parrot. Extra points are awarded for completing this act on a boat, even more if at sea. Additional bonus points gained if bird talks during act, walks on partner, or eliminates on either party.
You could always count on ol' Jimmy to find a willing victim at the annual Columbus Day Festival, to embark on a filthy pirate with. It was a banner year when he brought along Arthur, his African Grey, to add to the "yarring" good fun. "Thar she blows, thar she blows... Squalk! Squalk!"
by RocketJohn June 25, 2007
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much the same as was explained above although you kick your partner on the shin, forcing them to hop on one leg as though they had a wooden one ( the one you kicked .
Joe schmoe: oh baby im gonna cum
* pulls out, unloads in her eye and kicks her shin*
tiffany: Ouch
Joe schmoe: arrr! you're a filthy pirate
by chris cskay October 19, 2006
Similar to the fish eye, the filthy pirate is when one is having sex, and just before climax, the man pulls out and comes in his partner's eye. Usually, the partner covers her eye with one hand, and the man says, "Arr."
Guy: I gave that girl the filthy pirate last night.
Another Guy: Arr.
by matt_gl November 11, 2003

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