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Typically experienced in a public restroom setting everyday between 1:30pm - 3:30pm, whereby the entire washroom facility is inundated by non-courtesy flushers. In this perfect storm, the smell culminates in what can best be described as the equivalent of 1,000 zombies who ate 1,000 tacos, 1,000 years ago, rising from the dead, and eliminating said tacos into the rankest smell ever propagated onto mankind. Global warming is possibly being caused by this daily activity.
Hey Jesse, avoid the men's room for the next hour, Jimmy and co. just got back from Wingin' It and are engaged in the daily lunch dump. I literally held my breath the entire time I was in there to keep from bleeding from my nose and mouth. All I want for Xmas is a courtesy flush from those fuckers.
by RocketJohn October 12, 2007
Performing rough drunken anal sex with your partner's g-string or bloomers on your head, with a portion of material covering one eye. Filthy Pirate is often accompanied by a exuberant grunting "ARrrgh!" when you climax. The Filthy Pirate + is achieved by attempting the maneuver with your pet parrot. Extra points are awarded for completing this act on a boat, even more if at sea. Additional bonus points gained if bird talks during act, walks on partner, or eliminates on either party.
You could always count on ol' Jimmy to find a willing victim at the annual Columbus Day Festival, to embark on a filthy pirate with. It was a banner year when he brought along Arthur, his African Grey, to add to the "yarring" good fun. "Thar she blows, thar she blows... Squalk! Squalk!"
by RocketJohn June 25, 2007

Function: verb

The act of updating your twitter status while driving down the road and inadvertently swerving and weaving, in and out of your lane, as though you were intoxicated without a care in the world.
Bobby Joe, tired and bewildered after a long day at his job, realized another clever observation on his gridlocked commute home.

Grabbing his iPhone, Bobby Joe began a historic tweeving run, nearly running 3 vehicles and a motorcycle off the highway as he tweeted, "I'm tired, bewildered and commuting in the WORST traffic! No way I get home and see Dancing with the Stars in time. Time to get Tivo."
by RocketJohn June 10, 2009
An adverb used to dramatically explain how impactful to your bowels the situation was, is, or will be...
Looks like Dave's neighbor kids broke into his house while he was gone, had a shittingly good time on his carpet, sofa and even the poor aquarium.

Around 1am, Jessie officially had a pant shittingly good time at Rob's annual Ugly Sweater Xmas Party, to the point it took them 2 hours to clean the bathroom and Jessie.

by RocketJohn July 30, 2008
A variation on the common saying, "keep your voice down", but with more emphasis on physically keeping the mouth out of sight and harm's way.

Secondary usage of the phrase:
Also used when receiving oral pleasure and the giver lifts his or her head at an inopportune moment, typically before climax or orgasm.
Bob: No, those girls totally reek of cigarette smoke, no way would I think about hittin' that.
John: Damn it Bob, keep your mouth down, they are right behind us.


Jimmy: Damn it, Jessie keep your mouth down, I was about to finish!
by RocketJohn November 05, 2007
This highly homo erotic mixed erotic martial arts move is defined by the act of two jujitsu enthusiasts grappling fully nude in a public handicapped bathroom stall ending when the winner has the loser pinned in one of the art’s many submission techniques and then taking as big a shit on to the losing grappler’s head. For those not into fecal erotica, chocolate cake can be substituted as well as the use of a funnel and/or a glass coffee table to simulate this ancient act of mixed erotic martial arts.
“Dude, I just walked into the crippled stall and Jimothy and Jessie were wrestling, buck nekkid on the floor and Jimothy was gruntin’ out a huge shit onto Jessie’s forehead! WTF?”

“Ah… Good ol’ Jim, practicing his new jujitsu move again… haha…”

“Wth? That’s totally disgusting and gay!”

“That’s Jimothy’s signature move, the Green Bay Grappler!”
by RocketJohn September 06, 2007
When a system, process or workflow lacks an intuitive look and feel because the person that built or designed it had no idea what they were doing. Dealing with a website or system that looks like it was built by a neanderthal, when you obviously live in the 21st century and expect best in class...
Have you seen the new website, its complete junk and its very difficult to navigate around without getting lost, stuck or confused. We asked for best in class look and feel so even our lowest level employee, Jimmy, could use it. Caveman ready, not Caveman built!
by RocketJohn October 24, 2008

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