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An audience-named elf in the movie Lord of the Rings: Return of the King played by Brett McKenzie from the parody band Flight of the Conchords. Acronym for "Frodo Is Great...Who Is That?"
Did you see Figwit in that scene?
by Caelum March 24, 2009
Random Lord of the Rings Elf #617... actually has a bigger part in the book, but you'd never know it.
Figwit is an Elven nancy-pants.
by Legolass November 09, 2004
Figwit is an elf Dumbass. When Frodo said "I will take it the Ring to Mordor" the camera pans to the left showing an Elf, making people go "Frodo is great...who is that?"
watch the movie dipshit
by KissMeImIrishorGetOnYourKnees. November 18, 2003
someone with the intelligence of a fig.
"1+1 is 2, you figwit!"
by reggie_lurve August 15, 2004
1.) A random exclamation or joy or surprise
2.) A not-very-well-known hobbit from LOTR with a reall gay name
3.) A street name for drugs
1.) What?? I won the jackpot??? FIIIIIIIIIIIGWIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2.) Um like YEA Figwit is like sooooo much better than Frodo, like why wasn't HE in the movies???
3) " Yo pass me a lil mo of that figwit foo, u kno wha i mean!!!"
by imatease October 28, 2003
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