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Elrond Half-Elven, father of Arwen Undomiel and brother to Elros, held the council in Rivendell at which the Fellowship of the Ring was formed.
Dude! Have you seen any Elves lately? Especially Elrond and his eyebrows of Dooooom!
by Legolass November 09, 2004
Elf Envy... what guys get when any girl talks about Legolas too much. It is a proven fact that no guy can stand the sight of Orlando Bloom, due to his supreme desirability to women everywhere and the knowledge that they could never compare.
My boyfriend slowly turned green with supressed Elf Envy as he walked into my room, which was plastered wall-to-wall with posters of Orlando Bloom.
by Legolass November 09, 2004
Random Lord of the Rings Elf #617... actually has a bigger part in the book, but you'd never know it.
Figwit is an Elven nancy-pants.
by Legolass November 09, 2004
It all begins with Legolas. The most perfect creature; the most beautiful Elf to ever grace Middle-earth or the silver screen.

Wanting him, pure and simple. Wanting him a LOT.
I have chronic terminal Elf Lust.
by Legolass November 09, 2004
A game played by the stuntees and actors from the battle scenes of Lord of the Rings.

It's what you see when you "clasp the face of the person opposite you, say something sweet and enduring, and then you smash your head against theirs." It's spontaneous violent love, really.

-Orlando Bloom and Elijah Wood
"It was like white light! White light! And now everytime I see him, I see the white light."
by Legolass November 09, 2004

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