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Overthrow of the government. Anarchy
1. When Napoleon and two directors took over the French Government, that was a coup d'etat.
by imatease November 07, 2003
1.) To be g'd up from the feet up in Yankee colors and/or logos...
2.) but only when they win
I ain't neva gonna see anotha goddamned fuckin person yankee'd owt on a counta they LOST!!!
by imatease October 27, 2003
1.)The birdie
2.)flicking one off
Yo, this cat saw me wit his biotch n gave me da one-finga hello!
by imatease October 27, 2003
1.) A common exclamation or sorts typically made by druggies, homosexuals and heroin addicts
Druggie: Dude, like, wanna get WASTED??
Heroin Addict: hell YEA!!!!
by imatease October 29, 2003
1.) A random exclamation or joy or surprise
2.) A not-very-well-known hobbit from LOTR with a reall gay name
3.) A street name for drugs
1.) What?? I won the jackpot??? FIIIIIIIIIIIGWIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2.) Um like YEA Figwit is like sooooo much better than Frodo, like why wasn't HE in the movies???
3) " Yo pass me a lil mo of that figwit foo, u kno wha i mean!!!"
by imatease October 28, 2003

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