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The hip new conspiracy. It's everywhere and once you start noticing it you just can't stop. It's like sex once you've had it you don't just quit.
Time 2:56 am, person randomly yells fifty six, oh man I totally boned this bitch for 56 minutes,
by Big crip numba 56 January 23, 2012
1. The greatest number ever
2. Can replace the commonly used word "Fuck"
3. Can be used as an exclamation
4. Can be used as an adjective, verb, or noun
1. Holy fifty six!!!!
2. Fifty six, that is some awesome shit!
3. You are a 56ing 56er.
4. I want to 56 you sooo bad right now ;)
by Cupers the 56ing Crazy Bitch November 07, 2010