when one female is urinating, a male or female straddles her lap and unloads poop preferbly diahrrea and or urinates in the toilet.
dude man Lilly Levitt is peeing in the toilet, im about to give her a suprising wicked awesome felix!
by Rj Webster May 14, 2007
1. A substance of unknown origin or composition.
I'm not touching that, somebody left their Felix all over it!

If nobody knows what it is, then it must be Felix.
by 90srcguy September 25, 2008
a crazy gypsy who lives in a trailer park.( also known as Borat's enemy)has no gender.
woa did you see that felix it almost stole my money.
by the truth is yet to come May 28, 2008
Tiny persons that use a lot of hyperboles when trying to speak. They live under big rocks in the forest and are known for stealing and smoking other people's cigarettes.
'Don't step on that rock, Felix is home right now'

'Dude, I got Felixed out of half a pack of cigarettes last night'

by Freddy3 August 10, 2006
Pretentious twat that tries to bait others and tries too hard to be funny. Ultimately i love him though, mostly due to his accent and the fact that his name makes me think of that black and white cat in the adverts.
"Man, that felix guy is such a prick"
Guy 2:
"Yeah, but he is a funny prick"
Guy 1:
"True. Hey wanna go get fucked"
guy 2:
"yeah sure, Give felix a call he loves a piss up"
by PPalmer December 06, 2008
The douche that will break your heart. Also known as a horrible friend.

Synonym: Douche, Asshole, Jerk, Trash.
Felix chose to be with a fatter bitch only because she gave him head.
by KarmaBiatch! January 07, 2010
a boy that likes to kiss other boys and then call them gay. AID's are passed on in the process, this disease is mainly distributed in the Philippines.
Boy: your gay!!!!!
Felix: no your gay! AHAHAHA GAH
by MMMMMMMMMM COCKS January 29, 2009
1) A name given to a person who fails at life in every way.
2) An oge.
3) Also a head doing loser.
4) A mokes.
5) A word often used synonomous with such terms as hermaphrodite, individual with inverted genetalia, scrap disser and lover of cock in mouth.
"Oy that kid is a proper felix ey."

"Yeah man he definitely get bum sex off of Mr Connolly ever night of the week."

"Haha yeah what a cock loving dickhead."
by Ninja Mc Stealth Kill August 18, 2008

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