A female felix a girl who flirts by poking.
person 1: "why is that girl poking that guy?"
person 2: "she likes him i guess."
person 1: "oh, she must be a felixes"
by DeMoNz ArE eVeRyWhErE December 15, 2003
a person with the worlds smallest dick
Felix is a male given name and surname, stems from Latin (felix, felicis) and means "lucky", "favored by luck" or "the lucky one". Its female form is Felicity (English), Felicitas or Felizitas (in German speaking regions).
by sucvk May 31, 2015
A lighter.
Origin: character from James Bond films, CIA agent Felix Leiter.
My spliff's out. Pass the felix.
by anonnymuss August 12, 2003
When a Fantasy Football League is won by a person who didn't pay the league dues often resulting in a feeling of being screwed.
My fantasy league got felixed this season.
by adgamble December 23, 2009
a person who has a cool name.

a douche who breaks hearts and lies a lot.
WOW felix, suck my invisible balls
by yeliab April 01, 2009
1. A substance of unknown origin or composition.
I'm not touching that, somebody left their Felix all over it!
by 90srcguy September 25, 2008
Pretentious twat that tries to bait others and tries too hard to be funny. Ultimately i love him though, mostly due to his accent and the fact that his name makes me think of that black and white cat in the adverts.
"Man, that felix guy is such a prick"
Guy 2:
"Yeah, but he is a funny prick"
Guy 1:
"True. Hey wanna go get fucked"
guy 2:
"yeah sure, Give felix a call he loves a piss up"
by PPalmer December 06, 2008
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