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Fellatio performed improperly where the girl takes the term 'Blowjob' too literally and actually blows into the penis, causing it to inflate.
The patient's penis has exploded due to severe felation
by ?M冿 May 06, 2005
the happiness a man feels after receiving oral sex
Doug: Tom was acting unnaturally weird today at work.
Tammy: Yeah, that's because he taught his dog how to give him head.
Doug: Ah so he's feeling felation!
Tammy: Yeah.
Doug: Also, you probably shouldn't talk about Tom's wife like that, Tammy.
by BirkMagirk April 15, 2011
A relationship based soley on oral sex, Another word for BlowJob

Also can be used as Felationship, in lieu of relationship. A felationship involves no intercourse and is strictly felations between two people...
1. That fat chick should give me felations

2. She is only good for a Felationship
by MaCowens May 02, 2010
having sexual oral relations with another person/people.
We didn't have actual sex, we just had felations.
by sean conway May 03, 2008
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