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A.) A courtship that does not extend past felatio. Action is usually carried out with female who is significantly larger than her counterpart

B.) A form of relationship in which the girl will repeatedly pleasure you with her mouth but expect no Valentine's present in return for her actions.
She's not my girlfriend, we are just in a felationship.
by Koy November 25, 2006
A relationship based on a male receiving oral sex from the other party.
We don't have much in common but we have a great felationship.
by bobsigmund March 23, 2012
The next level in a bromance. Generally once this level is reached the bromance stops being a bromance and becomes "aaaand we're gay"
They're bromance is now a felationship, since John started sucking Tim off.
by Jeremy Douglas May 11, 2016
(noun) A felationship is a sexual relationship where the only sex act committed is fellatio. This refers to a casual sex relationship.
"You see that girl over there? I met her at work and we were in a felationship for six months."
by EvilRedhead October 09, 2014
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