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An awesome person with a nice penis.
Yo girl, he is so fedge.
by Jeff (Fedge) Frost February 01, 2004
A fence that has become completely overwhelmed by foliage such that is now looks like a hedge.
'Maybe the theif is hiding in that hedge?'
'Can't be, thats a fedge'
by Pipeskinn June 12, 2009
/fej/ (adj.) 1. Someone or something that is utterly heinous and/or shocking 2. Someone or something that is completely awesome 3. Any mindblowing, treacherous, or unbelievable experience whether it be positive or negative.
1. "Dude did you see that girl's insane camel toe? So fedge."

2. "I got tickets to see Jack Johnson in Spain for my birthday!"
"Dude, fedddgeee!"

3. "Omg you should have come to that party last night, it was so fedge."
"In what way?"
"All of them."
by esqaured April 26, 2011
The go to guy. The way to get things done.
Gills should know. he be on some fedge shit!
by LARRY LEGEND September 09, 2006
The verb meaning to remove ones tampon before replacing it with another. Fedging makes the noise 'huuick!'
Just going for a quick fedge.
by Ned2507 July 01, 2007
A scruffy, smelly person usually following a band like the Grateful Dead or similar. Usually has no money, no ticket, etc.

Man, did you see that fedge selling 'Heaven Help the Fool' bumperstickers? How lame!
by g monet September 08, 2007
the act of simultaneously penetrating both nostrils of a prize pig's snout by two men.
I fedged that pig so hard last night it prolapsed.
by beerswitch May 07, 2010