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Top of the line individual, balls out and rocks out. Cooler than a cucumber and smarter than an Astronaut.
Dude I totally Faysal'd that test.

Do be so shy, you gotta be more Faysal.
#cool #brave #diligent #awesome #the man #wicked
by ProfessorSuperDude February 11, 2010
a sex position in which a man chokes his whore with a turban causing her to fall unconscious, after which he fucks her in the ass, takes a shit in her mouth and tears out her hair. Then takes her to an ally and throws the bitch out of their car. When she wakes up she'll be confused as fuck!
Guy 1: Dude I totally faysal'd this stupid cunt last night and she had no idea what hit her!
Guy 2: I don't fucking need your life story just get me my Slurpee
Guy 1: yes sir. Thank you cumugen
#faysal #sex #dirty #funny #cunt #whore #ass #bitch #slut #hooker #alabama
by Feels Good Man October 26, 2008
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