Top Definition
To fuck something up horribly.
"Yo, I totally blayed that exam."
by lkjwkencwk January 24, 2010
good looking,fly,blazin
yo you lookin mega "blay" today
by ADKYB December 06, 2008
smoke, blaze, get high, smoke the ill jay
Adam said to the bros, "We blay right now."
by Adam Constan January 29, 2008
n. methamphetamines
v. the act of ingesting methamphetamines through vaporization
adj. of or pertaining to an object or device associated with methamphetamines or methamphetamine addicts
Hey, is it time to blay yet? I've got some bomb blay and I'd like to christen this blay bong I just made.
by llenar13 August 30, 2009
It means whatever you want it to mean.
Dude, last night was so blay! Blay?
by Blay Blay January 13, 2013
Adj : To smoke weed !!!
Lets go blay
by ANDY N April 12, 2003
A black man who is homosexual.
That black guy who works at Express is totally blay!
by krapplejacks July 10, 2008
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