A bullying tactic, singling out, or making fun of a fat person, under the guise of helping them realise they need to lose 50 pounds pronto or they're going to become ill, die prematurely, or be a major burden on the health system, when in actual fact it's an individual's bias against people they consider to be unattractive in their immediate social or professional circle.
1.You're a plus size female out dancing at a club with friends. You notice a small group of guys at the bar staring at you and laughing. Eventually one of them comes over and starts trying to dance behind you, rubbing against your ass, while his friends laugh uncontrollably. When you turn around and tell him to piss off, he laughs in your face and says, “Nah, girl, I’d totally fuck you if I thought I could find your pussy in all that blubber!”
2. You're a fat person using the elliptical trainer at the gym. A man walks by and gives you an encouraging pat on the shoulder. “GOOD FOR YOU!” he says loudly, a little patronizingly. He has pointed out that seeing people who look like you exercising in public is a strange and unfamiliar occurrance, an idea rooted in the assumption that fat people are uniformly lazy and unhealthy, and you, as an exception, therefore deserve to be recognized and lauded. You feel singled out, othered, and very uncomfortable.
3. A fat guy in a cafeteria is loading his plate with vegetables. The chef gives him a smile, makes a fat shaming comment, "I spose all that green stuff means room for more pudding eh?" as he sniggers expecting him to enjoy the joke that is essentially on him.
The fat guy finishes his meal and goes to leave the cafeteria. Just then a work colleague passes and grabs his male breast. "Caw get a load of these moobs! You lactatin' or what son?" jests the work colleague with a gaggle of sycophant friends with a collective IQ of 81.
by professional dancer June 08, 2013
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A term made by obese people to avoid the responsibility to actually take proper care of their body and instead victimize themself by pretending they're discriminated like an ethnic group. When confronted with someone like that they will ignore all the facts about obesity being unhealthy and pretend it's some sort of evil socially constructed conspiracy by teh patriarchy
Peter: "You've started gaining weight at a worrying level, maybe we could exercise together and take up a sport since you're always at home"

Bianca: "omg stop disciminating me you're just fat shaming, all my fat is genetics and exercising is just a social construct made by our sexist society, i'm not being brainwashed into ur shauvinistic world"

*Bianca then proceeds to eat burgers and refuses to better herself*
by Kanade-chan October 19, 2013
(V;): fat shaming is the act of poking fun of someone for being overweight, or telling someone they are worthless, useless, lazy, or disgusting because they are overweight.
Like most terms, this has been adoptwisted by Radical Neofeminists to mean something very different. Under the RNF definition, it means " to make an overweight female feel in any way uncomfortable, usually by telling her anything is wrong with her weight."
This unfortunately includes Doctors telling them to lose weight for their health and suggesting diets or friends saying that their clothes are too tight, even men very politely refusing dates because they just don't find them attractive.
Mark: ew lol that girl is disgusting hey fatty your fucking ugly lay off the burgers
Dan: Mark, for fucks sake, stop with the fat shaming already, you're fat too.

Doctor Reid: ma'am, it would do you a world of good to lose around 30 pounds. You're in danger of diabetes at this weight, but with proper diet and exercise we can-
Doctor Reid: okay, I'm going to just stick a note in your file that says "uncooperative and delusional" and send you up to the psych ward, alright?
by CommonSenseBitch January 26, 2014
What people who don't care about their health or appearance call it when someone tries to help them manage their obesity.
Stacy: Good afternoon! I'm Stacy and I'm gonna be your personal trainer for the day!
Bertha: You Fat-Shaming Bitch! I'm big boned!
by TruthBluth May 08, 2014

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