some who is very obese suffers eating problems. and when your eyes meet their faces you have searious mental damage.
i'll have that muffin you fat oaf.
by Olivia and rosie May 21, 2005
Top Definition
1. A particular individual who sits around all day gaining weight, and who is moronic. From the latin root, fattius oafius.

2. President Taft.
You: Yo, Joe, did you see Jerry at McDonalds the other day? That fatty had to use his inhaler after every bite.

Joe: Yeah, what a fat oaf.


You: Oh my God, that is one ugly walrus in that picture.

Other guy: That's not a walrus, it's just President Taft's baby picture.
by khaan111 April 07, 2009
andrew schiber, fat ass dumb fuck
coach:hey andrew who do u want to be captian
schriber:duhhhhhhhh schiber, and duhhhhhhh ander schiber im fat n dumb duhhhhhhhhh
by scullly3 April 21, 2005
Really dumb kid whose only achievement is sport. Rarely knows anything worth knowing.
"Hey Harrison you fat oaf"

by Gilbo January 05, 2005
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