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7 definitions by Gilbo

Ridiculous American TV show on MTV, where the host Xzibit gets his shit band of mechanics, interior specialists etc, to make a really crappy car, into a really crappy tacky car. One worth a watch!!!
"Hey I'm Xzibit, and im here to pimp yo' ride"
by Gilbo January 06, 2005
The hardest kid this side of the planet, complete wigga who is a hard ass street fighter. Also clever as fuck and such a cool dude.
"Yow Yow Gilbatron"

by Gilbo January 05, 2005
From the latin; safe blood
"Yow Yow, safe blood"
"Tutus vir"
by Gilbo January 07, 2005
A maths teacher who is basically a walking calculator, but better.
"hey sir, whats the sqaure root of 2 devided by x squared minus 2x = 456?"

by Gilbo January 05, 2005
A head belonging to someone, other than a man. Basically a head of a man stuck of some kid or women
"Shit look he has a man head, look how big it is!"
by Gilbo January 06, 2005
Really dumb kid whose only achievement is sport. Rarely knows anything worth knowing.
"Hey Harrison you fat oaf"

by Gilbo January 05, 2005
Watered down version of the word "fuck." Many use it so as they implie the word fuck, but by not actually saying it they seem to appear less offensive
"Feck Off, You Fecking Feck!"
by Gilbo January 06, 2005