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When a woman has large breasts due mostly to the fact that she is fat rather than being actually endowed. This is visually determined by the protrusion of stomach below, and barely less far, than said fat tits.
"Dude, that chick has HUGE boobs!"
"No, she has fat tits. Check out that gut. That is not cool."
by Spiden August 05, 2007
85 35
A boy with abnormally large tits, usually not well rounded, but pointy. (see moobs)
sean lavelle goes to the market to deliver the milk
by cole March 13, 2005
86 38
A woman who has large breasts, but the size of her breasts is due to the fact that she is overweight, not becuase she would be naturally busty.
Yeah, Kimberly got some big titties, but they fat tits man, you take a look at her stomach?
by Beemer July 08, 2007
28 9
Any male suffering from obesity in the tit region.

Plural: Fat-tities
Fat-tities are entirely capable of doing the truffle shuffle.
by ASDFGQASDFG August 16, 2005
26 7
one fat mother fucker
"Cliff is a fat tits"
by Cursive March 14, 2005
35 29
when a guy has boobs..
dude i squeezed his fat-tits
by zach butkiss November 08, 2006
7 6
Something of the finest quality. can be also used to describe an action or style that could be cool.
"yo! this hamburger is fat tits!"

"that kick in the nuts was fat tits dude!"
by skulls mcrkacken March 05, 2008
10 27