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a large copius melonus
grant has a head like a watermelon
by paul February 18, 2004
41 32
An annoying moany nob with a massive cranium
Me: "right fathead"
Barnes: "Hi"
by trivium036 May 16, 2009
10 6
Slang for Nike Air Force One.
Timboes and a clean pair of fatheads(Air Force Ones) and I’m good.
by Layan November 08, 2007
11 6
(n.) Another word for a conceited, big-headed, or egotistical individual
Barbara- "Oh god, Carol. Will you stop flirting so shamelessly with our fat head boss?"

Carol- "Meh. Why not? Don't you remember what happened at the Christmas party last year? I got a raise"

Barbara- "You little tart. You ARE shameless! hahah"

Carol- "Oh shut up. You know all I did was be nice to the guy. You have such a dirty mind."
by bibliophile June 30, 2009
12 8
Someone who has an extremely large head and always gets made fun of for it.
Hey, you know that Chris Fleming kid? He's a Fat Head.
by RedmanChew August 01, 2012
7 4
a person who says dum things yet is still adorable for saying it
I know you missed me fathead
by Waaj October 07, 2011
3 1
Somebody who has an overly large blob, which they call a head, protruding from their neck. Or someone who thinks their at the top of the bottle looking down on everyone else.
Oi Faris, you Fathead!
by fatheadfaris April 26, 2009
11 9