A person with an unusually large dome, who is anoying as Hell and loved by very few. The size of his dome is so terrible, and his I.Q is so small, many belive him to be a different species of mamal.
Hey Fathead! I like your dads tasty mullet. And if you keep talking shit, im gonna beat your ass!
by Pimpmonster May 16, 2008
Someone who's head has a unusually large circumference or bears a resemblance to John Madden.
Mark: Anna, move yo fathead lookin' ass, I can't see the board.
Anna: Shut up!

Mark: You look like John Madden... yo fathead lookin' ass!
by rawrthaas February 25, 2010
1. a person who has a large/irregular shaped head in comparison with thier body .

2.fatheads (pl.) can be used to describe a group of people standing together all with large heads.
'you are a fathead'

'throw it at the fatheads'
by hamster#1 June 26, 2007
A funny word that is very under used because it doesn't have any curses or dirty words in it.
Me yelling at my brother: YOU FAT HEAD!!
by Theory's Apprentice July 02, 2006
A person that does not actually have an over-sized head, but is great to hang out with, also can be payed out constantly but actually knows that they are great friends
Hannah, your such a fathead.
by matthew.rhodes January 14, 2009
Someone with a really big head. Like ole Burnsy..
Man, look at that fathead. he looks like Frankenstein.
by Mike Burns February 06, 2006
Another name for the sneaker commonly known as Air Force 1's
"My man B got dem new fatheads in red and black. Dem joints is the truth!"
by Nausea Jenkins October 19, 2005

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