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Stain left in underwear after release of gas containing a large unexpected percentage of moisture. The most artistic designs can be created while in the seated position.
Damn! thought it was all fart but the end was real squishy. I can feel the fart blossom in my shorts.
by bdb71 October 14, 2009
A nickname for someone inportant to you.
Son, you are such a fartblossom.
by MrFreeman88 March 02, 2004
Person who epitomizes a fart, at the exact moment of exit from the body, and at its maximum level of stench before diffusing into the atmosphere.
My sister-in-law Angie is such a fartblossom.
by Sugrad November 15, 2006
The brief bloom of blue flame that occurs when one ignites
flatulence as it exits the anus
Look at the size of THAT fartblossom! I'll bet that idiot burned the hair offa his nuts!
by Gitarzan57 December 06, 2005
Poorly researched, chemically reproduced fake floral, citrus, or outdoorsy aerosol sprays used by homemakers hausfrau to mask the odors of trash cans, stinky furniture, food residue.... Sometimes far more repugnant smelling than the original offending odor
Jeez LurLean, did you leave that sardine can in the trash or is that stench coming from under your nightgown? Just don't be spraying that FARTBLOSSOM around me!
by SnotBox September 13, 2008
The traditional fart blossom comes from eating a particularly unhealthy meal complete with cheap beer. The effect is a devistating cloud that can be captured by farting onto the hand, capturing the greasy aroma, and then passed off to the victim by opening the hand like a gentle blossom and forcing it onto his or her nose.
My sister was being shitty so I dealt her a mighty Fart Blossom that just about ate her face.
by ReTodd January 11, 2006
A viscous secretion unexpectedly left in one's underwear or the seat of one's pants after passing gas that through the anus.
Key-rist! That fart blossom left a skid-mark in my drawers!
by Tunmy AuGratin February 23, 2006
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