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Hittin you're girl doggie style and when she is not expecting it, ram it into her ass. She will turn around with a bewildered look and make the unmistakable sound of the dolphin...eher eher.
I was in a shitty mood and needed a laugh, so I rammed her in the ass and she squeaked at me like the dolphin.
by ReTodd January 11, 2006
A mysterious character that goes into ones house, unknowingly, and shits up ones toilet without flushing. This is best done when the occupant of the house is out of town or expecting guests.
I just went over to Matt's house and doo doo bandited all of his bathrooms.
by ReTodd January 11, 2006
male ejaculate, see also spooge, man paste, hot protein shake
That bitch needs a hot shot of my thug butter.
by ReTodd January 11, 2006
Short for Cock to Pussy Resuscitation. Saving a dying pussy with a healthy dose of dick.
I thought she was dying so a gave her a little CPR. Turns out she just needed some dick.
by ReTodd November 11, 2010
Usually occuring in warmer climates and/or leading up to intercourse. Tacky nut is a condition where the ball bag becomes uncomfortably stuck to the inner thigh, causing friction and possibly even twisted nut. Can be remedied by Gold Bonding or best case, having your nuts removed from their protective tighty whiteys, licked clean, and blown dry.
Florida is so fucking hot. My balls we ablaze almost everyday, and by nightfall, I was cursed with a severe case of tacky nut.
by ReTodd January 16, 2006
A fraternity favorite. Pulling your balls through your zipper hole and exclaiming to everyone at a party "THIS PARTY IS NUTS!". Pointing at your sack is optional unless you have old man balls and it is completely obvious thats what you are yelling about. Always fun around the freshmen hookers.
"Oh my God this party is nuts".
"Put your balls away, thats gross"
"You didn't say that when they were on your chin last night"
by ReTodd January 18, 2006
Usually in packaged form, a pussy burner is a protective cover for the penis, sheilding it from crotch rot and crabs. Known to come in different colors, shapes, sizes, and flavors.
I need to hit 7-11 on the way out to pick up a 6 pack of pussy burners.
by ReTodd January 11, 2006

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