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Farmvilled (verb)

When you get a late night call from a hottie who wants to come over and you get some great ideas.

Once shes over she steals your computer and plays farmville for 30 minutes then goes to sleep.
Broskie 1: Yo dude last night I got a call from Nancy
Broskie 2: Sick! did you bone?
Broskie 1: Nah brah I got Farmvilled
Broskie 2: Fuck that farmer shit!
by GotFarmville? October 22, 2009
doing something either in a game or in real life that has the characteristics of the facebook game, FarmVille.
"dude i just totally FarmVilled on the sims 3." "what?" "i went to move the page and clicked n dragged instead of using my arrow keys." "...your weird."

*two guys walking down a sidewalk*
". . .OMG...NO!."
"dude, what!?"
"i forgot to harvest my crops!, my candy corn is gunna die!"

by AndiLea91 October 21, 2011
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