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Farkas is a Hungarian surname, unfortunate enough to sound like 'Fuckass' or 'Fartass' when pronounced quickly; this surname is commonly subjected to humorous payouts, especially by school students.
Tom: Hey Fuckass.
Nicholas Farkas: Hey Tom.
by The Surname Guy October 07, 2013
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1.) Ovelyr large, canoe shaped feet.

2.) A particularly stinky hemhorroid.

3.) A small, parakeet like bird.

4.) Slang for 'shopping mall'
1.) Look at the Farkas' on him!

2.) Thats a nasty, poopy-smelling Farkas you got going on back there!

3.) Is that a Baby Gray Cheeks? No, its a Farkas .

4.) You wanna head over to the Farkas today?
by cdooku February 07, 2010
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man, farkas.
by freakieieieieieie102 January 27, 2009
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hey farka
by Jew July 07, 2003
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