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18 definitions by Jew

spraying of sperm on face by multiple men
maki just got bukkake'd
by Jew March 23, 2005
1163 892
To just hang out and bull shit about random stuff.
Paul:Hey man you wanna go to the mall
Mike:Nah man, let's just go skate and shoot the shit.
by Jew March 29, 2004
324 225
A garment of clothes used to wipe up the wangsturbation juices.
Get your wank rag out of the living room trent, victor is licking it again.

Trent use the wank rag to wipe the wangsturbation juice from his face.
by Jew December 31, 2003
39 13
i think saddam is in Hell for the Ungodly things he did.
by Jew May 09, 2003
29 22
Combination of two words: Shack and House = Shouse. Referring to a living area that is about the size of a shack but the quality of a house.
We partied at the Shouse.
by JEW May 31, 2004
4 6
that gay bastard gazzam trying to say fo sho
omg im gay!FOSHOZZAAM!(fag)
by JEW March 24, 2003
1 4
A dipshit or something pertaining to the dipshit lifestyle.
Man, you have to be a real Naccah if you try something that dumb.
by Jew December 09, 2003
2 6