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A cool way to show appreciation on the net!
I just sent a fanx message on

I just fanxed someone

I just got fanxed
by MinieMe June 19, 2011
the sarcastic way of saying thanks.

carry the 'a'.

Mr. Aye : can i hit that joint bro?
Mr. Bee: how much you put in?
Mr Aye: nothin
Mr. Bee: fanx.
by ezgresh March 18, 2010
Faget Ass Nigga to the Extreme
Dude, why are you being such a fanx?
by mistizachick January 28, 2010
(int.) A quicker way of typing 'thanks' (meaning 'thank you') that may originate in the f-dropping pronunciation of Cockneys and the like.
Fanx for de linky.
by anycon September 18, 2005
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