something out of the ordinary but freaking awesome!!!!!!
"I have fantabulous news!" or "it's a fantabulous day.....tehehe!"
by awwwwh shitzle April 02, 2010
completely fabulous, almost to an over extent
That shirt Jessie wore was absolutely fantabulous!!
by -dareebearrr- December 20, 2009
The feeling of being fantastic and fabulous simultaneously
How do you feel today? I feel fantabulous!!
by Steven Freay December 04, 2009
a super great expression! a combination of fantastic and fabulous
well... that just Fantabulous!! wow!
by whydoesthishavetobehere October 20, 2009
basically a combination of 'fantastic' and 'fabulous'
"hey look at my new jeans"
"wow they are fantabulous"
by xxnuttycharleyxx March 29, 2009
When something is both fantastic and fabulous at the same time.
That was a fantabulous play by the football player.
by cheeryred March 01, 2009
The word fantastic and fabulous merged together to make a more of an awesome word.

Used to describe anything fricken fracken awesome.

Can be also used in a situation of awkwardness.

"Dawg, you are like effing fantabulous!!"
by poopy bunghole July 17, 2008

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