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completely fabulous, almost to an over extent
That shirt Jessie wore was absolutely fantabulous!!
by -dareebearrr- December 20, 2009
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The feeling of being fantastic and fabulous simultaneously
How do you feel today? I feel fantabulous!!
by Steven Freay December 04, 2009
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a super great expression! a combination of fantastic and fabulous
well... that just Fantabulous!! wow!
by whydoesthishavetobehere October 20, 2009
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basically a combination of 'fantastic' and 'fabulous'
"hey look at my new jeans"
"wow they are fantabulous"
by xxnuttycharleyxx March 29, 2009
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When something is both fantastic and fabulous at the same time.
That was a fantabulous play by the football player.
by cheeryred March 01, 2009
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The word fantastic and fabulous merged together to make a more of an awesome word.

Used to describe anything fricken fracken awesome.

Can be also used in a situation of awkwardness.

"Dawg, you are like effing fantabulous!!"
by poopy bunghole July 17, 2008
3 4
A combination of the words fantastic and fabulous. At one point, it was a combination of three words but that translation was lost long ago and is only known by Howell.
Thats freakin fantabulous.
by J-Curl September 29, 2006
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