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Hula is the form of dance derived from the Hawaiian culture. It uses a set of 4 basic leg motions, and a variety of different hand motions to express thoughts, meanings and feeling of lyrics.
hula dance, hula dancer.
by Kanitha September 23, 2007
The most friggin' awesome chick I've ever met! From the sweet sweet island of Moloka'i. Hula's tend to be really fun and don't judge. When drama happens she tries to stay out of it but speaks her mind if she must. She loves love. she's also NOT a bandana monkey... yet. She tans funny but it makes for a good story later in life. She makes friends with girls who like to be loud and obnoxious but she laughs with them anyway. She's amazing in every way. Not to mention how beautiful she is.
Hula: (laughter)
by Tsu Anne April 16, 2009
The area on a girl with which she uses a hula hoop. It is the ambiguous region above her hips yet still below her waist. if the girl is over weight the area may be called love handles or muffin top. However on a perfectly thick girl with a nice body there is not enough meat to be hanging over (such as a muffin top) not enough to use as a full handle (such as a love handle).
Man, that girl is too skinny, shes got no hula at all. (or) I love to slide my hands up from her waist and grab right on to her hula.
by Ross & Mateo June 03, 2008
To avoid a task that one doesn't like by doing an extremely poor job at it, therefore avoiding being assigned that task again.
Wow, he really hulad those dishes up. I guess he'll mop the floor next time instead.
by g-unitg August 30, 2006
1. Water. Really, it's just water.
Pass the hula. Same as pass the water.
by Matty.C April 29, 2005
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