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1. To desire something greatly; to need badly.

2. To be moving at outrageous speeds
1."Hey Bob, come out for a smoke?" "Hell yeah, I'm fanging, dude".

2."So we were fangin' down the freeway when Jimmy dropped the bong in the backseat."
by RealBadMike November 19, 2007
Short for fanny hanging, is a term used to describe when a male excessively hangs around with a female (e.g. his girlfriend) instead of spending time with the lads.
Oh my god, I can't belive he's fanging again! This is like the fifth day in a row, he's so whipped.
by daz_94 August 30, 2015
Euphemism in Werewolf parlance for devouring livestock with bloodlusting abandon.
After 300+ years, touching six continents, and fanging scores of sheep, I've learned the only bad cocktail is a finished cocktail.
by Wolfman Bartender November 04, 2011
An abbreviation for the the American slang "Finger-Bang'. While typically used as a verb it may be used as a adjective with only slight modification.
verb: 'I was fanging the shit out of that girl on Rock-Rimmon the other night.'

adj: "That skank sho' is fang-tastic!" or 'Her shit was "Fanger-lickin-good!"
by Friend of Fang May 27, 2010
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