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Slang for family or close friend.
Ayo whats good fambo!
by Igno February 15, 2005
A slang term for someone who is a very close friend or a family member!

What BITCH you cant talk about Kay-Kay thats my FAMBO!
by Kay-Kay February 18, 2005
An aggressive or violent homosexual. Taken from the "Rambo " movie character
He's a Fambo, I'd stay away from him if I were you!
by tripleP November 30, 2007
A sock with a funny face on it
Holy crap look at the body on that fambo! Smokin!
by samls August 15, 2006
A shortening of chav interpretation of 'Fabulous' or very good
"Danny Pipes is Fambo!"
"That piece of art is Fambo"
by IckleG June 02, 2006