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describes a person who is a professional in his or her field and also has the necessary in-depth related technical knowledge.
John Patrick is protech, in fact I consider him as one of the best sound engineers on the East Coast.
by tripleP November 30, 2007
A singer who suddenly loses his or her ability to sing during a live show
The Dirty Deeds lead singer had a kack out last night!
by tripleP November 30, 2007
Used to describe a disappointing social event,outing or attraction.
I went to Duguay's show last night and it was a sucker vibe!
by tripleP November 30, 2007
Word to categorize university arts students or people who think they're artistic because of what they study, what they wear,their taste in music or for thier personal beliefs. They basically think and believe they're above all people. Artistic arseholes!
Sally -" I can't understand why Pitt has negative comments about the books I'm reading and the music I'm listening to.

John- " I wouldnt worry about it, Sally, Pitt is an arsist, plan and simple!
by tripleP December 02, 2007
An aggressive or violent homosexual. Taken from the "Rambo " movie character
He's a Fambo, I'd stay away from him if I were you!
by tripleP November 30, 2007
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