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Ironic use of the word fail, i.e. failing at spelling fale
"I'd have caught the ball if I didn't become so fale"
by James Sm,,, October 13, 2006
A derogatory term used to describe Yale University and its students. Popularized among Harvard students by "Fale" T-shirts designed for the annual Harvard-Yale football game in 2008
"What, your sister got into Harvard and Fale? Is that even a decision?"

"You slept with someone after 'The Game'!?! Dear god, tell me it wasn't a Fale girl."
by Veritas Publius October 05, 2011
Alternate spelling of fail and phail
Angela not only fails at life, but she phails and even fales at life.
by AWPerative July 16, 2006
When something fails beyond an epic fail, thus it's not deserving of correct spelling.
She wanted milk, so she microwaved ice cream with water. It was so fale.
by mikefsu July 27, 2010
something beyond an average fail.
9PM. "so i'm going to sleep. bye."

"what a fale."
by xcismylife2 April 17, 2010
What you call a guy or friend that acts, talks, or dresses gay but is not.


Also a way to call someone (gay) around parents or teachers.

Add: epic, or total before it to make it sound even better
Me: Dude "name" you are such a fale man.

Teacher walks by...
Me: Man look at "name" he always acts like he's gay.
Not me: Yeah, he's an epic fale!

by WhoEatsZombieBrains March 08, 2011
A person of visually ambiguous gender. It is difficult to tell whether this person is a male or female just by looking at him/her. It is a combination of "male" and "female."
"Hey, did you see him, er... that person over there?"

"Oh, that flat-chested and muscular person with a beautiful face and a ponytail?"

"Yeah, I can't tell what that fale is!"
by CASDMO November 13, 2009
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