Best fucking football team in the league with the best QB- Michael Vick
The Falcons r the most badass team and derserve the superbowl
by anonomous March 03, 2005
A truly amazing person who is extremely funny but can be serious when you need a friend. A Falcon may drift away from you so you have to hold on to their friendship very tight when you have it.
me: hey falcon!

falcon: hey hey hey!
by Popsicle :) March 24, 2010
(n) {Fahl-kin}

A young, hip, usually single female who possesses an innate aggressive, fierce, often head turning demeanor. Kind of like a cougar, only younger. Quick to strike, one capable of taking the eyes of men who seek them.

There are many derivations of the falcon. Some more mysterious, hardly seen. Some small in stature, (Pygmy falcon.)
1 Man to another Man in club: " Did you see that falcon at the bar? I would sever my left arm for a chance to date her!"
by Metal Wendler November 09, 2009
A person of Maltese background
guy 1 "Hey do you know Joel that Maltese guy?"

Guy 2 "Oh yeah. He's a Falcon"
by tuner10 September 13, 2012
A term used for a person who is everywhere at all times. You run into this person multiple times every day. This person will also go out of their way to make direct eye contact with you. This person is usually scary and will give you goosebumps when you encounter them.
Carly texting Erin, Anna and Megan: The Falcon has landed again! I've seen him 6 times already today! The falcon also looked over the silverware rack so just his beady eyes were staring directly at me. Gave me goosebumps.
by Stopfollowingmecrazybird October 19, 2011
Originated from the popular xbox360 game, "Gears of War 2", falcon is a verb -- the act of being in someone's way, bigtime.
* while playing GoW2 *

guy1- "Dude! help me get these guys, im getting owned!"
guy2- "i cant, this dude is totally falconing me and i cant see/get around to help you."

example 2:

* in classroom, teacher giving notes on a chalkboard *
teacher-"blah blah blah blah *write* blah blah blah blah blah"
student-"teacher, you're being a giant falcon and standing in front of what you just wrote. we cant see."
by sydnieonfire January 08, 2010
Having huge cans, perfectly rounded and perky.
Hey Nancy, Nice Falcons!
by Efstathios Papadopoulos July 09, 2004
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