1) To vomit
2) To fart
I got really nervous and falconed during the interview.
by Shizcakes October 20, 2009
Jim Mora, headcoach of the Falcons is attempting to change the definition of a football offense. Despite never having back to back winning seasons, Falcons fans are still cocky and ignorant. Michael Vick (RB) is their main weapon on offense. Occaisionally Jim Mora mixes up plays and has Vick throw the ball, but usually into the ground.

NFL defenses has figured out Atlantas scrambling offense, as long as Michael Vick is their direct-snap RB, they won't make it to the playoffs
Person A: Did you hear Great bay (1-7) beat the Falcons?
Person B: Yeah, shows how great their offense is.
by PBNation December 13, 2005
A very low-quality hooker
Friend: Don't bother paying for that Falcon, it's not worth it
by UnhappyCustomer July 24, 2011
Kinda like an eagle, but its a falcon.
Dude check out that falcon.
How can you tell?
Because its kinda like an eagle.
by The-Drizzle January 27, 2010
Lesbian version of cougars.
Hey, Tasha.... If that Falcon doesn't quit eye-scissoring at my bitch I am going to kick her short stop ass.
by Blade & Saber July 13, 2010
A substitute for a cuss word in the school. Of the North Vermillion Falcons a high school in middle of nowhere. Oh its also a bird lol
Mr. Porn: Lets all watch porn shudents. Class: Thats Falcon Awesome!!!
by Bob the Sapper January 05, 2011
1)To ultimately win, or terribly fail.
2)an awsome bird of prey
1) woah! look at that epic falcon win!
yeah! how did he do that?

2) the small bird had to fly quickly to escape the falcon's talons.
by I will catch mookie November 14, 2010

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