(to falcon) v. to throw your hands up like you were about to give a big hug in order show disgust or dissappointment. often accompanied by the phrase "are you gonna do it again?"

arms like this -> \_O_/

2. Falcon battle- when two or more persons falcon each other. the person with the biggest wingspan wins.
*Jimmy drops a chemistry beaker*

*teacher throws arms up in air*

Justin: Jimmy, you just got falconed, big time
by P-Trav April 21, 2009
Falcon. Noun. Origin: Skiing with Aaron. The best skiing move known to man, currently the fastest skiing style to hit skiing. During the act of the falcon one must go into the tuck position for optimum speed, while simultaneously spreading the arms giving your body "falcon like features" aka Wings. This position minimizes wind resistance which optimizes speed and agility.
Wow, Lynsie really sucks at doing the falcon. Aaron can do it so much better!
by Aaron aka THE FALCON MAN! February 14, 2008
Referred to as the stand-in for the word "person". A person can be reffered to as a head or a dome (see both). Falcon has the same context.
Robby - yo head, lets go kill some brewskys at my crib
Me - nah falcon, lets go kill them at my crib
Robby - alright thats straight
by jmg6 May 04, 2007
Mis-pronunciation for the word vulcan, particularly common for people with a Belfast accent.
"I was on the Enterprise and this falcon stole my lucky charms"
by Andy Tiger May 25, 2005
Slang term for the male genitalia, mainly meaning the "penis". Often used in conversations with women to reduce the use of "dirty" words. Many relations to the bird can be found in the relating termanology used when talking about the penis.
"So, you want to see my falcon's wingspan?"
"I cut the falcon's nest this morning, it's all nice and trimmed up."
"The falcon is very protective of it's eggs."
"I'm going to wait a while before I let her unsheathe my falcon."
by The Loser Jameir May 18, 2005
An extremely homosexual man who lives in a large house, unoficcialy known as "Roxanne", who likes to keep a can of mixed nuts in his room, and surf every weekend because he thinks it is really gnarly. A Falcon also rather enjoys being inappropriately gay with his friends and fudgepacking. Another charecteristic of a Falcon is to play way too much Super Smath Bros. Brawl, and buy video game systems to play free trials that you can download on them, and not buy any games.
No way, don't call Jon, hes such a Falcon.
by Pooper McPoopstein April 28, 2008
the name of quite posibly the worst car ever sold in australia, with the exception of perhaps the datsun 120Y

its lack of styling and complete uselessness on a racing track (or at a set of traffic lights late at night) when compared to commodores highlight the general inadequecy of its straight-6 engine and boring V8
the only good falcon is a recycled falcon

my v6-commodore has a better power-to-weight ratio than your straight-6 ford

i'd rather walk than drive a falcon
by aussieashcroft October 09, 2007

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