A fake-up is when a couple says, often in order to increase the dramatic effect of an argument, that they are going to break up, when in fact neither of them believes that they will. It can also be when a frequently "on-off" couple swears they're broken up for good this time, and then gets back together.
Person A: Did you hear about Ken and Barbie's fight?
Person B: Yeah, I heard she threatened to break up with him, but he knew she wouldn't actually go through with it.
Person A: Yeah, she's always trying to fake-up with that boy...
by Millygirl01 March 16, 2008
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A break up that eventually leads to the couple making back up. Hence, it is not a real break up, but a "fake-up."
Larry and Susan broke up again, but you know they're going to get back together... so it's another fake-up.
by JohnOB1 October 06, 2005
another word for makeup...especially when a girl has it caked on.
Yeah she was pretty, but she had waaay too much fake-up on.
by SamanthaCooper January 14, 2005
A break up, but not truly a break up, i.e. both parties still feel an obligation towards one another, engage in frequent phone calls and "meetings", and feel guilty about beginning to date other people. It is a psychological way of coping with the difficulties of a relationship by both parties distancing themselves from the relationship itself and allowing one another breathing room.
Person 1: Hey, I just saw Leland and Lisa together last night. Didn't they break up because of school commitments?

Person 2: No, that was just a fake up.
by MadRabbit April 28, 2006
Another word for makeup.
You should use some fakeup to hide that real face of yours.
by Bonch Nifkin September 21, 2011
to fake breaking up with a boyfriend or girlfriend to settle disputes with relatives or friends, usually family
Jenny and I had a fake-up because her Daddy did not like me.
by Constromlie February 04, 2009
A breakup after which the couple's relationship remains exactly the same.
A: "Alice and Lewis spend an awful lot of time together for a couple that broke up."

B: "Yeah, it was more of a fakeup."
by greeneyedingenue October 07, 2011
When a really ugly girl puts on a lot of make up to make herself look beautiful, then when it comes off, she's completely hideous.
Yaite has to put so much fake up on, just to simply look decent.
by Carol K. Cobain October 05, 2008
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