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another word for makeup...especially when a girl has it caked on.
Yeah she was pretty, but she had waaay too much fake-up on.
by SamanthaCooper January 14, 2005
meaning: an unknown MOST LIKELY ILLEGAL weight loss drug that one covers up as diet pills. Anna Nicole the popular rep for Trim-Spa says she lost weight from the diet pills. Insiders say its from some unknown narcotic- possibly cocaine of meth.
Dude, did you see Julie? Looks like that girl might be hitting the Trim-Spa, baby.. (wink Wink)
by SamanthaCooper January 14, 2005
Its where stereotyping meets criticism.
"Did you hear that guy on the bus? he was all offensive with his stereocism."
by SamanthaCooper January 14, 2005
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