Faith is one of the greatest human beings anyone could ever ask for. She is so insanely sweet and nice. She would do anything for her best friends and family. She has a beautiful smile and her eyes are stunning to anyone. She has perfect hair and loves to be complimented. She loves to also text her best friends and hates it when they don't reply; but if you're talking to Faith, you will always want to text back. She has a great sense of humor and loves to pop jokes when she is with her friends. She will always have your back in whatever you do. Faith is also a good girl. She doesn't do anything bad and she promises to abstain sex until she is married and is ready for a child. Everything about her family is perfect. She will support you and listen to anything you have to say. If you ever try to hide something, she'll make you tell her. She is extremely good at school, and especially math. She is very confidence and has high self esteem. She is also very good at sports and is probably the best volleyball player in the world. She always smells very good. She loves music and likes about anything. She is a very talented singer and loves choir. She hates when people bite their nails and pop their knuckles. She is very beautiful and astonishing girl and has a great body. Although she regrets a lot of things, she knows she will have a great future. She will make you happy on your worst days. If you have a Faith in you're life, consider yourself to be one of the happiest people alive.
Friend: Hey man are you busy tonight?
Person: Yeah, I'm going to dinner tonight with Faith.
Friend: You are so lucky... Have a great time!
Person: Believe me, I will.
#beautiful #amazing #pretty #nice #funny
by conner_franke February 03, 2013
A compromise made between the head and the heart so that neither has to work as hard.
I have faith that our President will see us through these difficult times.
#belief #hope #bliss #god #dreams
by edcomet February 03, 2010
Irrational belief in something despite all evidence to the contrary.
My religion's holy book says the world is flat, so I believe it's flat no matter what all those fancy-pants scientists say, what with all their years of hard work and research!
by Jake August 10, 2004
Its a persons name. And Its quite uncommon.
For girls named Faith who search their name, and cannot find a definition.
#name #girl #faith #this #is #stupid
by thekidwhowrotethedefinition April 27, 2010
Faith is belief in something that either has no or very little evidence in support of it. In some cases faith can run contrary to some or even much evidence. The term faith is most often associated with religion, but is also commonly used in reference to people or relationships.
shes faithful, she wouldn't cheat
he's a faithful freind, he'll stand by me
chuck doesn't need evidence, he has faith.
#belief #loyalty #religion #devotion #confidence #conviction
by thedocy December 18, 2010
A stunningly gorgeous cute all around girl, with a dazzlind smile, and hypnotic eyes this girl will win anyone she wants to over. Her laugh is contageous. Faith is very competative and loves to win. Faith is very confident and ready fo any and everything. faith is very modest and hates when people brag. Faith tries to be nice even though sometimes peole get all her nerves. Anyone who knows a Faith might kow that she can be agressive when she is ticked. but overall she is amazing and should be treasured.
the room seemed to get brighter as Faith walked in.
#faithy #amazing #dazzling #popular #sweet #caring #dcastudent
by clace199 May 26, 2014
In Christian belief, one of the three Theological Virtues(Faith, Hope, and Love) bestowed by God's grace upon the believer.
And now these remain: faith, hope, and love. But the greatest of these is love. - I Corinthians 3:13
by Theologist May 02, 2005
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