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Belief in the possibility of something yet experienced which leads to work or effort. This belief is not unfounded but rather the result of confirming evidence, including the trusted words of others.

All people act in accordance with their faith and continually adjust their faith according to the resulting evidence.
In reading these words of the Talmud ‎"Goodwill is the mightiest practical FORCE in the Universe" John feels that the message is true and decides to stop being angry. He has faith that his world will be better by this change he's making.

Pretending to have faith, out of laziness or fear, is not evidence of faith, but rather the lack thereof.
by rufuswrites November 24, 2010
To believe in something that cannot be proven.

To believe in religion or another person

Or a girls name, of the most beautiful girl ever seen, known to man. a very beautiful human being on the inside and out. Faith is a very special and lovely name. Sometimes a bossy person.
To have FAITH

To be beautiful, inside and out.
by essence of all February 04, 2010
a dog that is most likely satan, when you wake up in the middle of the night she is inhaling the air you exhale
damn that dog is like faith
by dan clifto July 09, 2010
To believe.........
Unconditional....Never giving up on having
by Angel Trapp February 06, 2009
A dog that can walk around on two legs. No shit. Look on Opera's website.
*Faith runs past two people*
Person 1:Damn, was that a kangaroo.
Person 2:Nope. That was a dog.
Person 1:I need to stop drinking...
by Omg-a-two-legged-dog July 28, 2009
The Wisdom and ultimate Act of Love. The knowledge that, no matter what anybody else says, gives you something to Hope for. A strong Trust in something that can easily be doubted. The knowledge that nothing will loosen somebody else's Fidelity to you.
I have Faith in the Hope of God's return.

A child has Faith that their parents are going to catch them when they jump!
by thefallenrising August 19, 2008
Meaning: Word or Yes.
Homie 1: Ayo playa did a nigga git his mash on up in dat huss?
Homie 2: Faith nigga, she was aiite
by Aye FunCC May 04, 2008