1-To believe that someone or something will come through for you especially during difficult and sad times

2-An infamous slayer character from the series Buffy the Vampire Slayer played by Eliza Dushku.

-Was the next slayer in line called as Buffy had died in Season 1 of the series.

-Was a very violent, and sexual, and jealous slayer who often seemed to get sexual pleasure just from fighting.

-Hated Buffy because she felt that because Buffy already died and she was called to replace her BUT since Buffy was brought back to life by CPR, Faith was always told and always felt that there was only ONE slayer and that Buffy "stole" that specialness from her.

-Accidently killed a human guy instead of a vampire, then blamed it on Buffy.

-Tried to kill Buffy and her vampire lover Angel, but failed as Buffy stabbed her into a coma with Faith's own special dagger.

-Came out of the coma and magically switched places with Buffy and even slept with her new boyfriend, Riley Finn.

-Left for LA where she ran into Angel who helped her see the error of her ways and reformed her.

-Came back to fight Angel when he became evil Angelus.

-Went back to Sunnydale and helped Buffy and the slayer potentials defeat the crazy priest villian Caleb and close the Hell Mouth
Ex1-When things seem impossible, always remember to have faith.

Ex2-Faith ended up with former slayer, Nikki's son, Principal Robin Wood.
by LoganLesnarMarvel August 13, 2005
Belief in the possibility of something yet experienced which leads to work or effort. This belief is not unfounded but rather the result of confirming evidence, including the trusted words of others.

All people act in accordance with their faith and continually adjust their faith according to the resulting evidence.
In reading these words of the Talmud ‎"Goodwill is the mightiest practical FORCE in the Universe" John feels that the message is true and decides to stop being angry. He has faith that his world will be better by this change he's making.

Pretending to have faith, out of laziness or fear, is not evidence of faith, but rather the lack thereof.
by rufuswrites November 24, 2010
To believe.........
Unconditional....Never giving up on having
by Angel Trapp February 06, 2009
Faitherz is the most amazing girl on the planet. She is loved by many, has a great personality, and is friends with anybody. Nobody dislikes her, and many people are jealous of her. She is perfection.
Did you see that amazing girl, who every guy was walking up to? Her name was probably Faith.
by Kaskas789 March 10, 2013
a dog that is most likely satan, when you wake up in the middle of the night she is inhaling the air you exhale
damn that dog is like faith
by dan clifto July 09, 2010
Faith is the coolest girl, she's tough, and always sticks up for her friends. Only likes some guys, but flirts with all of them. Loves hugs. Anyone lucky enough to be her friend, don't hurt her, because she gets emotionally hurt easily. But hurt her physically, and she'll kick your ass. :) Be careful on the phone with her, she will usually talk to you for an hour.
Girl 1: Faith is my best friend!

Girl 2: Me too! OMG cool!

Faith: Are you guys talking about me?

Girl 1: You know it!
by SexyEmoPuppeh :P May 11, 2011
To believe in something that cannot be proven.

To believe in religion or another person

Or a girls name, of the most beautiful girl ever seen, known to man. a very beautiful human being on the inside and out. Faith is a very special and lovely name. Sometimes a bossy person.
To have FAITH

To be beautiful, inside and out.
by essence of all February 04, 2010

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