Shes beautiful, everything i could ever ask for. She knows what to do when soemthing goes wrong, Faith, , i just cant get enough of her hot bod, ohhh hot damn


whata tard face you say! nooo faith is no whore.! shes much more

i love you faith durning!
(: me i love you faith
Faith i love you tooo!
by (: rice boy. July 11, 2010
A stunningly gorgeous cute all around girl, with a dazzlind smile, and hypnotic eyes this girl will win anyone she wants to over. Her laugh is contageous. Faith is very competative and loves to win. Faith is very confident and ready fo any and everything. faith is very modest and hates when people brag. Faith tries to be nice even though sometimes peole get all her nerves. Anyone who knows a Faith might kow that she can be agressive when she is ticked. but overall she is amazing and should be treasured.
the room seemed to get brighter as Faith walked in.
by clace199 May 26, 2014
Faith is a generous person who allways talks. She keeps everyone happy even if your not in the best of moods. She is great fun and has a great sense of humour. Faith is a person you should always trust and never give up on. She is a girl that's always there for you ,lots of people like her and even some people she don't know.she is nice to everyone and shares them all correctly. She is. The best friend you could ever ever ever ever have.
Lola: oh there's “faith” she's the best friend ever she's allways happy and loves to party.

Joal; o yah. She's so kind and caring and if someone don't like her there just jelous !

Lola: yh your right “faith” is the best mate EVER
by jefaith x February 16, 2014
A very neive girl
Wow that girl is just like Faith!
by Hollabackgirl1 August 25, 2008
Faith is the coolest girl, she's tough, and always sticks up for her friends. Only likes some guys, but flirts with all of them. Loves hugs. Anyone lucky enough to be her friend, don't hurt her, because she gets emotionally hurt easily. But hurt her physically, and she'll kick your ass. :) Be careful on the phone with her, she will usually talk to you for an hour.
Girl 1: Faith is my best friend!

Girl 2: Me too! OMG cool!

Faith: Are you guys talking about me?

Girl 1: You know it!
by SexyEmoPuppeh :P May 11, 2011
Meaning: Word or Yes.
Homie 1: Ayo playa did a nigga git his mash on up in dat huss?
Homie 2: Faith nigga, she was aiite
by Aye FunCC May 04, 2008
A strong belief often driven from the heart to believe in something that is often considered irrational generally by people without faith
The scientist could not prove how the big bang took place but he had faith that something was created from nothing
by Domonator March 15, 2013

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