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A facebook page made by an anonymous douchebag who thrives on the attention of ignorant people that have nothing better to do than exploit girls at fairmont who (in the opinions of the same ignorant people mentioned before)dress or behave like hos.
Did you hear? Rachel ended up with her picture on Fairmont Stunna's list of hos? It's total bullshit though, she's the nicest girl ever.
by FutureFamousFirebird April 27, 2011
A facebook page made by some teenagers that attend Fairmont high school in Kettering, Ohio. Basically, you submit any girl you believe is a hoe and The Stunna will add the girl to the profile after so many people have submitted her. When you submit it you add details as to what she did to classify her as a hoe. They're thinking about making it nationwide, and separating the schools by albums. It's the best idea ever and The Stunna should get some kind of reward.
That chick is a ho fo sho, is she on fairmont stunna?
by StunnasHoe April 25, 2011
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