A word that has become just as overused as the word "random." It originally meant "lack of success" but over-use of the term has caused it to loose meaning.
Stop using the word "fail"! It's not cool, it's not funny, and it's not original.
by perry hamilton February 09, 2010
A common term these days used by people in humourous, blunderous or stupid situations. It is commonly used online in a comical way especially on websites such as this and You-Tube and MSN conversations.
When a 16 year old gets owned by his mother in front of a supermarket - You say "Fail" at the 14 year old

Patrick Star lecturing Spongebob Squarepants on the concept of "fail": "I fail. You fail. He- she- me... fail. Fail; Failing; (We'll have thee fail; Failrama); Failology; the study of Fail. It's first grade Spongebob."

YouTube: "Fail-Blog ... .org!!"

Mr A: "I like guys u knw"
Mr B: "LOLO!!!! ~~~ Fail"
by Lelouchvi September 09, 2009
The act of doing something so awful you must never show your face again and God cries in pity for your soul.

The term can be expressed (written) two ways:

fail & Fail

The lowercase form expresses a smaller fail that no one will remember for longer than a week. Consider yourself lucky if you are simply charged with a "fail" crime.

The uppercase form of the word means that you have disgraced the human race and shall never be given respect again in your life, nor after that when you have gone to Hell either.

I failed when I lost that staring contest.


Your mom Failed in bed last night.
by celza January 30, 2011
What people tend to do when engaging in online chatrooms by not giving themselves the ability to hit the backspace button to correct epic typos.
Person 1: <# i luvv youu!!1
Person 2: hahaa you fail!
by N@y March 28, 2011
to completely suck at something
e.g. any student with a fail name such Jason Dusty
getting 3/120 in a maths tested
by Jason Dusty September 13, 2010
Inviting 150 people to a party and only 2 people turning up, this leads to the two attendees having rough anal sex all night long.
Joe " i cannot believe it was just me and Rob at the party last night"
Lewis "haha, your gay. fail!'
by Jew talking to me August 20, 2010
F.A.I.L or FAIL!


When your internet keeps going off when you're talking to someone.

When your internet is back on,
before they ask why you went offline
just say FAIL
*bob goes offline*
*bob signs in again*
Tom: Hey, where did you go?
Tom: oh, i hate when that happens ....
Bob: Yeahh
by cafekko389 June 12, 2010

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