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A masculine, Arabic name.

This is an alternative spelling of the name Fadi.
It is somewhat rare and is typically reserved for the elite.

It can be translated as:

Fady is an Arabic name for Jesus and is therefore typically a Christian name.

Fady / Fadi is a fairly common name in Lebanon.
Hey, look at that awesome Lebanese guy!
What's his name?
Oh yeah, it's Fady!
by fadmaster flex April 11, 2006
A big tan man who's masculinity attracts everyone; someone who has a big build and an even bigger penis, and knows it; a "ride" that most girls will not survive; someone who is sexy and they know it; a person who must have u.s. citizenship and a greencard; (search fob) Fady is typically known as the guy that can do anything; a mystical godlike being; Greek god of sexiness
Omg! I wish I could be a Fady.
I put in on match dot come "woman seeking Fady". I hope I find one
Girl, whachu talking bout. Fadys are so hard to find. There like sexy mythical creature, like a mermaid with a huge penis for a tail.
by therealfadyy December 12, 2012
a male who is obsessed with his reputation and disregards women with an opinion.
I can't believe he got mad because someone stated their opinion, what a fady.
by jovialjerje February 06, 2010
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